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art is life

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Awaiting has been exhilarating, difficult and very intense. The small microcosm of life created on Capitol Hill left a sketch of life as I live it. People milling in and out time held still, both moving independently,  awaiting soft white shoe sole's personal contact with white hard concrete surface, demonstrating diversity of perspective depending on eye focus AND conscious attention...Therein lies the beauty of this experience....Awaiting demonstrates the minute, subtle interconnections holding nature in some sort of balance.

Rubber soles  covering, protecting soft sole flesh together with mother earth's elements  congealed into surfaces so hard time and nature can beat on it forever and hardly leave mark, protecting....protecting?  Neither the rubber nor the concrete protected my physical body. My feet hurt, my hips hurt as I walked Capitol Hill's cement circuit for six hours....Through it all my heart, soles and soul soared and continue to soar, and will soar ever more at such adversarial gifts.....such is life....hips get tired, muscles ache, head wants relieve.....I create what I am......

I rested, stood still, walked and walked and smiled genuinely in the opportunity to interact with my surroundings in this exceedingly intimate domain. And the response is all of my make-up..... acknowledging the ever present delicate balance between interior life and exterior life takes my head into Coleridge's poetic Kubla Khan dimension. I thrive on exposing personal intellectual, emotional and physical life to outside elements with minimumal knowledge of process and expectations. I acknowledge the importance of ground rules which provide parameters of the exercise....after the ground rules are established, nature and environment dictate the path's Information, then, based on my response to outside stimlus, personal feedback brings deeply held insight of interior workings: spiritual, intellectual, psychological....oh yes, and the pesky ole physical.. I am fallible...loving life is loving myself....loving opportunity for growth is loving life....

The beauty of the experience has been in the fallability....I know that if I do want to smell the roses....I had better stay out of the briar patch