Acknowledgements & Credits

Awaiting was conceptualized, choreographed, directed & co-performed by Ernesto Pujol, first Warnock Artist-in-Residence, Art & Art History Department, College of Fine Arts, University of Utah, 2010

Student Performers: Jo Blake, Peter Balanesi, Lucia Volker, Spencer Buchanan, Adelaide Ryder, Michael Handley, Elizabeth Stich, Ruth Ctledhill, Erika Wamack, Cristin Zimmer, Alejandro Moya, Stefanie Dykes, Jan James, Heidi Somsen, Colin Roe Ledbetter, Aniko Safran

First Workshop Performers: Alexandra Hesse, Aneesa Turner, Brian Snapp, Dana Hernandez, Emily Lyver, Joey Behrens, Katherine Adler, Lana Neilson, Mariko Nagashima, Portia Snow, Rachel Flichtbeil, Satu Hummasti, Tiffanie Hancock, Trent Hepting, Hillary Van M, Holly Russon, Kristen McDermaid, Lisa DeFrance, Matthew Sargent, Megan Hallett, Nancy Carter, Sandy Bruvand, Juan Carlos Claudio, Emily Fifer

Second Workshop Performers: Alexandra Yost, Amie Tullius, Benjamin Sondelski, CJ Lester, Connie Robinson, Cori Redstone, Daniel Schmidt, Dawn Oughton, Emily Haygeman, Heather Knowlton, Jenevieve Hubbard, Jim Frazer, Juan Aldape, Meggie Troili, Melissa Aldape, Michael Morrow, Rosalind Newmark, Sam Owen, Suzanne Simpson, Tay Haines, Destiny Olsen, Cecile Paskett

Guest Performer: Janine Antoni

Soundtrack: Rosi Hayes

Graphics: Ed Bateman

Website Design: Peter Balanesi

Poster & Flier: Nicholas Mendoza

Press Agent & Public Relations: Sara Pickett

Production Team: Ellen Bromberg, Gretchen Dietrich, Stephen Goldsmith, Eric Handman, Rosi Hayes, Beth Krensky, Brian Snapp, Sara Pickett, Brent Schneider, Juan Carlos Claudio, Sara Pickett

Production Team Assistant: Stefanie Dykes

Class TA: Nicholas Mendoza

Soundtrack Assistant: Aniko Safran

List Manager: Spencer Buchanan

Press Support: Shelbey Peterson, Cori Redstone

Video Editor: Nicholas Mendoza

Video Editing Advisors: Ed Bateman, Rosi Hayes, Ernesto Pujol

Curatorial Support: Jill Dawsey

Field House Trainer: Richard Johnson

Maps & Historic Routes: Stephen Goldsmith & the Center for the Living City

Photographers: Rosi Hayes, Nicholas Mendoza, Ernesto Pujol, Colin Roe Ledbetter, Rod Arroyo, Tyannah Price, Cris Baczek, Amy Walchli, Brian Klepper, Jim Frazer, Suzanne Simpson

Videographers: Nicholas Mendoza, Chhouk Phoung, Conor Provenzano, Ed Bateman

Green Room Volunteers & Docents: Matt Moore, Amber Gunnell, Ann Penman-Morgan, Jenny Woods, Yoshika Hisano, Annie Burbidge-Kean, Julie Lehr, Beth Krensky

The artist wishes to thank: John and Marva Warnock for their visionary endowment to create this Artist Residency Program; Allyson Gamble for her understanding, courage & trust; Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, for his hospitality; Gretchen Dietrich, Acting Director, University Museum of Fine Arts, for her institutional generosity; Brian Snapp, Chair of the Art & Art History Department, for his project leadership, nurturing & coordination; Adam Price, Director, Salt Lake Art Center, for his candor

Additional support from: Chair Donna White, Modern Dance Department, the Film Department, the Art & Art History Department staff, Janine Evans, Tiffany O'Kane, Dianne Sanchez, Sheryl Brog, Nevon Bruschke, Christopher Renstrom, the Hayes family, Horus, the Krensky family, the Balanesi family, Michelle & Samantha Snapp (& Louie), Margaret Locanto, Aaron Wood, Paul Monty Paret, Lila Graybill, Alison Denyer, Elena Bromberg, Dan Evans, Shawn Porter, Tyler Spurgeon, Ken, Mart Baumer, Anne Hansen, Liz Garman, Mario Navez, Julia Angulo, Carol Becker, Scott Tarr, Tiffini Porter & Hal Widlansky, Michelle Medina, Stevan Novaklich, Jacque Bell, Barton Poulson, Sofia Strempek, Jim Denier, Rebecca Solnit

Thanks to: The many city businesses and their support workers, who witnessed the many breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner long business conversations & numerous napkin drawings that the project demanded, such as the very friendly young staff of Cucina, the people of The Lower Avenues Neighborhood, Fresh boutique, the Coffee Garden, Starbucks downtown, Wholefoods in Sugarhouse, the waiters of Café Oasis, Sawadee Thai, Sage

I also personally wish to thank Utah artist Blaine Anderson, wherever he is, for generously introducing me to his people and his landscape in May 2007. Out of that memorable trip came my Inheriting Salt visual essay, gallery-exhibited in November 2008 in New York, followed by an invitation "out of the blue" in 2009 to this artist residency, which thus felt like a destiny.


© Ernesto Pujol, 2010

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